Rare Icons

Welcome to
our headspace.

Interactions excite us.
They capture our imagination.
They are visceral and subtle.
They are beauty, tension, disappointment.
Desire, fear, hunger.

They are stories.
And we love stories.
Hearing them, sharing them.
And we are good at it.

It is our passion to unravel the emotional current running through the world we live in, and it is our mission to convince others of its existence.

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A short film with Grammy-nominated artist Jidenna as he sets to release his first EP.


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Supporting the launch of Assassin’s Creed 4, the highly anticipated video game from Ubisoft, Rare Icons and Vice Magazine traveled to the Caribbean to explore the pirates’ old haunts-- and discovered the modern-day world of Rum, Guns and Gallows.

Rum, Guns, and Gallows: Charles Vane

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8 photographers. 8 cities, on 3 continents. 28 days…. and 8 documentaries. In this award-winning campaign, Rare Icons literally went around the world to help Samsung choose, with the help of the instagram community, the World’s Most Photogenic City.

Galaxy Camera: Milan